Africa's premier private equity fund

About Us


GIP is a boutique investment firm. Our primary objective is to build team spirit in the pursuit of two common goals: client satisfaction and project success. Said differently, we want to be the best at what we do and be compensated for it.

To achieve this, we have created an entrepreneurial environment where we openly discuss and debate ideas, investment goals and challenges associated with doing business in emerging markets particularly Africa.

This can sometimes be an emotional process, but it is a minor cost if it allows us to arrive at the most creative and optimal solutions. For this reason, GIP is a non-bureaucratic company where all views are listened to and only the best consensus solutions are adopted.

We value truth and act with integrity in our transactions and daily work by:

  • Holding ourselves and our clients to the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Recognizing in every investment the importance and value of good corporate governance.
  • Seeking to be honest, open, transparent, accountable and equitable in our dealings with each other, our clients and local communities.


To become a valued partner to our clients, make a significant contribution to changing the face of investing in Africa and strive for the highest ethical standards through hard work, diligence and commitment to achieving our investment goals.


We aim to change Africa’s future one investment at a time. Currently, there is a secular wealth shift from developed to developing countries. Africa, long known as the sleeping continent, is slowly awakening and taking its position at the forefront of this capital movement.

Over the past several years, our experience in Africa has shown that is a niche market for western companies that operate on sound corporate principles, offer reliable technical/financial advice and develop untapped business opportunities on the continent.

We believe that we are this type of company and can provide both solutions and value creations to our investors by:

  • Taking educated/calculated risks and providing quality advice where the private sector in Africa is not willing or unable to do so alone.
  • Providing innovative solutions through the development of new investment products and services that are better suited to the African environment.
  • Sharing knowledge about the local business environment to promote successful private investment and entrepreneurship.