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What We Do


The prospect of investing in sub-Saharan Africa can cause investors to break out in a cold sweat. The region is often seen as a corporate graveyard of small, impossibly difficult markets, where a myriad of problems are always lurking in the background. On the contrary, we like the prospects and future of the African continent.

At GIP, we pride ourselves in conducting rigorous, analytical, bottom-up research and detailed due diligence into all companies and projects prior to any investment. We base all our investment decisions on the following criteria: rate of return, risk distribution and growth prospects. Many of our companies have pioneered important new markets, meeting needs that have barely been recognized yet. Working with a compelling idea and entrepreneur to develop a plan is one of the best parts of our job. What we look for is real customer needs that require a solution and an entrepreneur or business willing to do the hard work in providing a product or service to fill this gap.

We look for people with great ideas, relevant experience and the ability to rally resources around them. We work closely with entrepreneurs to build teams that complement their skills and expertise. We recognize great talent when we see it, and we foster that talent over the long term and across sectors. We invest in companies that we think have significant long-term opportunities to create fast-growing and ultimately profitable businesses. We take a long term view of all our investments and are not here to do quick "flips".


GIP’s Industrials Group is focused on identifying and analyzing investment opportunities in a wide range of manufacturing and product sectors in Africa. The group’s dedicated principals and analysts possess significant prior transaction experience, technical skills and global contacts relevant in assessing the different facets of multilayered international and cross-border transactions.

Taking a project from its nascent/idea origination stage, the group is responsible for due diligence, pitch book preparation, pre-feasibility and final assessment studies (in partnership with consultants for highly technical projects), risk mitigation, deal structuring, setting up of local operating procedures, office setup, hiring of key personnel and eventual project execution.

Some of the Group’s selected sectors of focus are:

  • Agricultural value addition
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Mining


GIP’s Consulting Group provides advisory and consultancy services to clients in a wide range of financial matters. We apply techniques that seek to first understand the root cause of the problems and then carefully design solutions for them. We have found this approach to be effective given our diverse target clientele, cross-border cultural norms and differences in learning habits. Every client's need is unique, so we strive to create the most appropriate and customized solution for them in their respective market places.


GIP offers objective, comprehensive advice in a number of ongoing privatization deals in Africa through our brokerage services group that links prospective investors to appointed government divestiture committees. We rely on our access to and strategic relationships with development solution providers, consultants, financers and investors on the one hand and African governments and institutions on the other hand to bridge the information gap across the aisle and ensure successful deal completion. A breakdown of some of these brokerage services includes:

  • Analysis, packaging and presentation of large investment opportunities to prospects ahead of time in order to shorten the bidding process and save costs.
  • Performing preliminary two-way due diligence (within technical limits) on the companies up for sale and investors interested in the acquisitions.
  • Deal structuring and negotiation to align the interests of various parties involved.
  • Providing fairness opinions on the proposed transactions and outlining plans of implementation and exit strategies.